Saturday, March 7, 2009


Currently in class we are creating a graphic with text that will help somebody understand something whether it be some form of history or rules/guidelines of something. In doing my research I came across directions for boy scouts on how to correctly display their badges and other boy scout rules. I found them interesting and helpful since they have a lot of very specific rules and they target a very wide age range (starting with cub scouts to the adults who are helping them or group leaders) therefore their directions have to simplify a fairly specific and advanced collection of rules and regulations. Here is a sampling just pertaining to uniforms and badge application for boys:I also found a girl scout guide from the 1920s which is interesting for the same reason the boy scout one is but it also allows one to see what things have changed since the organization started and see the graphic approach. Here is my favorite page of directions from this particular manual:
And it falls under the category of a wordless diagram!
you can see the whole book at:

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  1. This are outstanding. I knew that there were rules on how to display badges but this is extensive. Great find!!!