Monday, January 19, 2009


OK it seems as though I may have gotten off to a bad start, I was just informed that my blog needed to be about "Information Design" not just "Design." Bleh. So here is my first blog on the correct no no not pirates! But instead maps and graphs and all things informational.
What fun, right?
Now onto the subject of this particular posting. When browsing the internet for things I could blog about I came across this gem
The October 7th, 2008 Piracy Map good right?This was the information under it:
The International Chamber of Commerce brings us the live piracy map. The red markers are actual attacks as reported to the Maritime Security Hotline.

Points of Critique:
1. I have no clue what the difference between the red and yellow markers are. I could come up with many guesses that would be quite entertaining and probably not accurate.
2. None of the cities, countries, ports etc. are named, though I guess if you are a maritime guy/gal you are very familiar with geography and don't need to know these things especially if you are th variety that needs to look up pirate info.

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  1. Hey Jane. I am so sorry to say this but the color of your blog is really hurt my eyes, especially when I have to read a long paragraph. By the way, lets get back to map. I totally agree with your comments, the map does not indicate or communicate any thing important. It just shows the (unknown) places, which were attacked. In addition, I came up with one of the application on the Facebook , the Travel brain. ( HAHA )