Thursday, January 29, 2009


OK so I am absolutely psyched! I got my computer back and I can do anything...well to say anything may be a bit extreme but blogger works again. I can add photos, change colors, edit and all that nonsense.
On a sad note that means I have no excuse anymore and now must change my background from fluorescent green...
So without further ado proceed to my latest in deep thoughts via my ever inspirational blob.
So what I wanted to talk about here are notes...more specifically my notes and how they relate to information graphics. Though they may not jump off the page to all as information graphics it is my belief that since they are graphics that inform they relate to the topic. The point I wanted to bring up and discuss or prattle on endlessly about is how though they are informative graphics they are very unique to whoever created them. Since when writing notes there is no need for anybody to understand them but yourself so people often write in a way which helps them remember or record the information for future use. For graphics designed for public use or any sort of assignment meant to be viewed by others one needs to make sure that your information is legible and conveys the intended message but for notes for yourself the only person you need to worry about is yourself. Therefore I always find it interesting to try and read somebody notes they took for class to see how other people's brains work. So ladies and gentlemen here for your enjoyment are my bio notes...

As you may have noticed color-coding and pictures help me and my handwriting often leaves much to be desired.

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  1. i wished these could of been in my high school text books.