Saturday, May 2, 2009


So something that fascinates me are old candy wrappers, some never change and some are completely obsolete. Farrarra Pan is a good example of never changing candy packaging, however the difference here is that they don't make some of it anymore. Here are a smattering that I have found, enjoy!

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  1. Jane - I am pals with your cousin Kristen/Kristy (*k) once, ages ago, she sent me jPeg images your cytoplasm notes (happily, on this blog) and you have something in common with your cousin from Northville. I deeply appreciate nice handwriting - fewer things in life are more important.

    And, You need to check out my friends blog:

    Mostly music, but lotsa beautiful pop culture images (like your candy images)

    Also - did you write a book? Or - draw one with hand lettering?

    peace from driggs idaho
    Mike C

    (my blog - with hand lettering)