Thursday, February 26, 2009


So the idea of this particular blog entry is to show my progression from initial comps to final project and all the bumps in between. Though it seems as it may not have changed that much there were many alterations I had to make even up until the very last revision. It went from two hands to five, the color changed and the form changed drastically (note it was an assignment and the requirement was to have a color and B&W version, the B&W is not shown from its original comps but just the final two steps). So here is my progress for your viewing pleasure...

Strangely I usually like my initial comps best, this is not an exception.

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  1. Joel said...

    Interesting collection of initial comps. They represent the process of what goes into the creation of a design work. I wonder how you were able to record your process in detail. Your use of color is interesting especially the black and white designs.