Monday, February 23, 2009


So most the time I blog about found images that I like either the content or appearance of. Today i'm gonna switch things up. I am blogging about a class assignment in which we were to take an existing bad map and try our best to make it good.
Here is the original:Here is my revision:
OK so I know mine isn't perfect and people may think I had it easy since the original was so atrocious but truth is that made it even harder. I had to try and decipher the information through layers of bad color and confusing info. It was akin to translating and I had to really examine it to get all the buried info. The color was the hardest part since it had to convey meaning while staying clear. In the end this was the one that printed best, however it is not the easiest to read on screen. This was quite the learning experience for me and I figured out how to use tools in Adobe Illustrator that i had never used before. I ended up re-drawing the whole thing and working on it as multiple different maps for the different sets of information and then combining them and working on it more.
So that's that, consider yourself lucky. It's a Jane original.

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  1. ok blogger always messes up the color in this case rendering it almost impossible to read my map.
    So take my word for it, it's better.