Thursday, April 9, 2009


So after a brief hiatus I'm back
Well since this time I think we are allowed to include inspiration and influences I am going to blog about color as an influence or maybe since it is in the context of travel I should say I am blogging about travel as an influence but if I want to be the most accurate I guess I would say I am blogging about colors specific to locations. It is hard for me to pinpoint one color when it comes to a specific location but there are definite color themes when it comes to location. Sometimes it is more easily noticed when visiting somewhere unfamiliar to you.
So as I’m sure you could tell this is all leading up to my main point, though it was a long way to it. My point being I’m very influenced by the colors that surround me and everywhere I go different colors stand out for different reason. I was recently visiting Ireland and one of the things that I noticed first was the color of the doors of houses, apartments and businesses. A lot of the buildings are in drab neutral colors such as different hues and shades of browns and grays but more often than not the doors are painted in a vibrant bright color and not just the occasional red door you notice in California but almost all of them. The most common colors seem to be bright primary colors, sometimes all three will appear on the same building but even when on different buildings I noticed that they appear to be almost the exact same color like there is some standard for door color. Now that may begin to sound lame and unoriginal but trust me it’s not there are definitely variations on color and often the doors will be painted in any number of other colors such as vibrant purple or bright green. The combination of the dull colors of the structures paired with the bright door colors never ceases to wow me and as mundane as it sounds was one of my favorite aspects of my trip and therefore I believe it is fair to say it served/serves as inspiration. I have longed liked the effect of working with a combination of colors such as bright text on a dull background or even contrasting textures by working with a combination of different media to contrast not only color but texture and it was interesting to see this example in real life.

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