Thursday, April 16, 2009


The other day for one of my classes the painter/artist Steven Hull came and spoke and showed his work. He seems to be a pretty cool and interesting fellow so I decided I would mention him in my blog and write a couple words about him.
I always like hearing other people in the art world talk about their work and experience in school and the real world and though he seemed a little scattered at the beginning he ended up giving quite an interesting and inspiring speech. He also showed an interesting selection of work that ranged from paintings that he did whiles still in school and directly after he graduated as well as collaborative book projects and shows.
He went to Cal Arts for both his undergrad and grad education. Though he is not a graphic designer I find most artists to be relevant and influential to my work and he is not an exception. I really like his use of color and his involvement in these collaborative projects that combine lots of different artists such as authors, illustrators, and musicians.
Here is some of his work...

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